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Backgammon Setup

Backgammon is traditionally played by 2 players. Each person starts with 15 checkers, that are distributed the following way:

Backgammon Board Setup

As you can see, the board consists of 24 triangles, which we call points. This board is divided into 4 quarters, each consisting of 6 points in alternating colors. Each player has a 'home board' and an 'outer board'. Between the home board and the outer board you will find the 'bar'. The bar is a raised section where checkers are placed when hit.
The points at the board are numbered from 1 to 24. The counting starts in the home board of each player, so point 1 of player A is equal to point 24 of player B. In the image above the numbering is done for the player with the orange checkers. So you have to put 5 checkers at point 6, 3 checkers at point 8, 5 checkers at point 13 and 2 checkers at point 24.